Sunday School



Sunday School is a foundational part of our church.  

During September through June, we have classes for all ages (babies to senior adults).  

These groups meet at 9:00 a.m.  

Jesus Christ: The Heart of God (Rev. Phil Hardwick, teacher)
This class is a fitting sequel to the last class he taught on world religions. One of the defining characteristics of Christianity is that we find the revelation of God primarily in a person, an affirmation unique among the major religions of the world. The concern of this study will be that all of us try to open ourselves afresh to the evidence within the four Gospels as to precisely who Jesus Christ was and is, the kind of things he said and did, what he offers, and what he demands. However short we may fall in understanding or in following Jesus Christ, our Christian commitment surely is to be to these ends.   

Explore the Bible: Exodus (Mike Paduch, teacher)
Exodus could be considered the central book in the Old Testament because it records the departure of God’s people from Egypt—His act of saving the Israelites and establishing them as a covenant community, a nation chosen to serve and represent Him. God also offered the nation forgiveness of their sins through blood sacrifice; gave them guiding principles for daily life; protected them from certain death in the Red Sea; and declared that He longed to draw near to them and establish a permanent, intimate relationship.

God also revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush and promised to be with him in the daunting task of leading Israel out of bondage. Moses was initially reluctant, based on his feelings of inadequacy, to act in accordance with God’s will. But his significance in biblical history is not primarily based on his standing as an example of godliness and faith. Rather, it’s based on the fact that God’s plan and power worked through him to accomplish His will—despite Moses’ doubt and fear.